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Wood Turners in Bristol

All about Turning Trees

When I (Pete) retired, I was advised to do something I enjoyed doing in the past. So Lin bought me a wood lathe. We began fashioning gifts and decorative items, and as we become more proficient as wood turners in Bristol, so Turning Trees was born.

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Pete making wooden products


Engineering precision on a wood turning lathe

At the beginning of my career I completed a 5-year apprenticeship in engineering, and I worked in aerospace engineering for many years, creating parts for Concorde, and other great airliners. I now put as much pride and care into my wood work as I would do for a part on Concorde.

Lin joined me in the business when she retired, taking care of the administration and packing of the gifts, which is just as important as the process itself.

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Great products at great value

Our aim as wood turners in Bristol, is not only to make extremely good products, which we are proud of, but at a price people will pay.

We believe they are probably slightly under-priced rather than overpriced, and you can be sure you get good value for money with our wood-turned gifts and décor.

Best Sellers

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Pete has made a video of pen making in his workshop which is very informative and will be available to watch soon.
Our Best Seller
Oak surround containing approx. 80 pencil crayon pieces set in resin.
Wooden Slimline Stylus Pen
Wall clock in the shape and 3D style of a famous Star Wars Spaceship
Striped bowl is made from 2 different woods , Oak and Walnut.






Helping our customers have something special

When we deliver our finished products, we both get such pleasure when we see the customers' faces light up with surprise and pleasure. Some of these items will have just been described to us over the phone or face to face, so it's a great pleasure to see their ideas realised in a solid, well-made object. We get a real buzz from helping returning clients and have a good reputation for value and quality.

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Sustainable and high quality

We try to use recycled wood as much as possible but also use various exotic hardwoods especially for our pens and higher value items. We are wood turners in Bristol who take pride in our work and hopefully it shows! Have a look through our gallery of some of our wood-turning in action.

Wood used to make wooden products

Sustainable materials for wooden products

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