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There is nothing more pleasing to the eye than well-crafted wood. Natural, yet precisely engineered, hard-wearing and yet satisfying to hold, your gifts can say a lot about you as a person. With our wooden gifts made in Bristol you can make sure a loved-one knows they are loved, and help an employee feel valued, with a present that can last and be treasured for a life time.

Turning Trees is run by Pete and Lin Wadner, and between us, we have been creating beautiful, handcrafted gifts since 2015, making people happy across the UK, with our wood-turned items.

Browse our online store to find your perfect gift, or order your bespoke gift by emailing us directly at

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Made in Olive Wood
No Trespassing - we are tired of hiding the bodies
Dogs leave paw prints forever on our hearts
Everyone thinks they have the Best Dog and none of them are wrong
This home is filled with Love and Dog Hair
Wooden Slimline Stylus Pen









Our wooden gifts, made in Bristol, are available to buy in our online store

or you can talk to us directly to order something customised and bespoke to yourself. We enjoy making items that are personal and will be treasured for a long time. For example we create family trees, with room for additions and inclusions, and names in large print, so all the family can enjoy their own history.

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Wood used to make wooden products



Where our materials come from

We source our wood from offcuts, local tree surgeons, and housing renovations, where high quality hardwood is often discarded unnecessarily. In this way almost all of our wood is essentially recycled, and this method of acquiring wood gives us a chance to work with many exotic varieties.

We always make sure the wood is of the highest quality before working on it, and our wooden gifts made in Bristol are made exclusively from quality hard wood.

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Pete has made a video of pen making in his workshop which is very informative and will be available to watch soon.
Our Best Seller
Oak surround containing approx. 80 pencil crayon pieces set in resin.
Wooden Slimline Stylus Pen
Wall clock in the shape and 3D style of a famous Star Wars Spaceship
Striped bowl is made from 2 different woods , Oak and Walnut.



Why shop with Turning Trees?


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All items are crafted and finished with a traditional turning lathe. This means each piece has its own character and is completely unique, despite the precise work it has undergone.


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Quality products and materials

We only use high quality hardwood, and take great care turning and crafting each item to precise specifications so that it looks great and works as it should.


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Personalised items

Each item can be personalised to you, with lettering or names carved into the wood, or even a personal message to a loved one, for them to remember you by.


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